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    Ocarrs Homewood

    The Homewood restaurant was our first and we’re happy to say many of our original customers are still coming back!

  • Catering Your Event

    Having a meeting or event? Impress your guests with delicious appetizers or meals prepared especially for you. Call O’Carrs and ask about our catering services today. 

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    Hungry?  Come by and enjoy our ‘Eat by Color’ menu where our food is a work of art!

Downtown Coming Soon!

214 18th Street N Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) coming soon!


2909 18th St S, Birmingham, AL 35209 Phone:(205) 879-2196


Catering weddings, corporate events & private parties. See our menu.

Character profiles

Here we share some of our favorite people and their stories.

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Cream cheese for everyday to rich ricotta , but that’s OK.

Wonder why your cream cheese tastes so rich (creamy)? Well it’s 33% to 40% butterfat. Next time try some impastata ricotta instead,it’s 65%  butterfat and incredibly smooth. If that’s not enough for you there is one type richer still; mascarpone at 75% . Last time I was in Italy , for dessert in a trattoria […]

Labor Day Holiday September 5 th

O’Carrs restaurant will be closed this day ,we will reopen at 10:00 am on Tuesday  Sept. 6th.Have a relaxing holiday with friends and family.  Thanks, the O’Carrs staff.

Natures “powerhouse” humble vegetable

Cucumbers are an easily accessible year round vegetable to definitely include in your dietary regimen. We chose 41 years ago to top every sandwich at O’Carrs with them as well as using in our salads. Here are a few reasons to eat them with gusto! 1.) they are a great source of B vitamins and […]