Vanilla or imitation

During a trip to Mexico we purchased a few gallons of locally produced vanilla extract. The aroma and taste was fab. My antennae were alerted to some new info I uncovered while doing some continuing education. Mexico and South America produce a good vanilla bean and extract. The problem is that unscrupulous producers add the extract of tonka beans instead of vanilla to their product. Tonka beans have a flavor reminiscent of vanilla except they are ripe

with Coumadin(a blood thinner). This has been banned for sale in the US by the FDA. Tonka beans are a tree product (1) per purple flower. The people of French Guyana named It tonka in the gilibi language meaning bean.Look carefully when buying South of the border vanilla extract. Pure Vanilla, FDA approved, and no Coumadin should be on the label. Thankfully my gallons I bought were not laced with Coumadin. Hallelujah brother!