The joys of small business ownership

Joy or curse, a small business owner must wear a number of hats. We simply cannot elicit or engage the help of support professionals for everything we need. We lumber through, learn on the fly(trial and error), and hopefully learn from our mistakes. I started handling our social media for both restaurants, moved on to the help of a professional and have ended up back handling it again.My original thought was; I’m a pretty good writer,I can do this and save that expense. Good thinking, Cameron. The reality of this scenario is; social media experts are good writers too. But; “That” is their focus, not cooking, serving and mentoring restaurant staff and tending to restaurant customer needs. All that being said I’m trying to post timely on Facebook and our webpage also. I keep telling myself, I shave every morning and don’t go to the barber shop for that. So far, no one has told me; who shaved you ?? your 7 year old great granddaughter. My father told me,”you can teach a monkey nearly everything”I’m very thankful that I have a brother in law that looks out for me, helps me with computer questions and facilitates the changes for our website. It was his chiding that returned our website to an active one instead of static. Thanks Houston and tech Guru and visionary Roxanne.