Ethics vs Morality is there a difference?

I was interacting with some employees this week and these two words keep popping up. Ethics are a set of rules, guidelines or regimens that usually apply to companies, governments, and organized institutions. Morals on the other hand are a more personal set of standards we live by influenced by our formative upbringing(family and church).Lets look at the word: honesty. I deal on a daily basis with staff and customers. Everyone has a different definition(in actions)of honesty. I break it down into (3) types: 1). honesty when it’s convenient, these are the use of little white lies,the partial truth. 2) Safety in numbers: everyone does it, a group approach to justifying 3) straight up and down accepting the rules,guidelines and directives (like them or not) facing the consequences for noncompliance and no squirming.