Character Profiles

These are just a few of the awesome customers we have the priviledge to serve.

At O’Carrs we love our customers.  So come by, stop and chat a while. Or visit our Facebook O’Carrs and share your story. We’d love to add you to our page too!

FATHER JOHN C. ROBINSON eats with us very regularly. Father John just celebrated his 60th Jubilee as a Roman Catholic priest. Congratulations!!! It is not uncommon to see Father John stop to say a prayer or word of encouragement for someone dealing with a serious illness. What a jewel of a person to know and count as part of the O’Carrs customer family.


Ocarrs Restaurant 2

June Phillips at O’Carrs


JUNE PHILLIPS is our longest tenured staff member, 32 years and counting. You will see her at the restaraunt Tuesday through Saturdays in the dinning room, working her way through the crowd with her arms laden with plates of great food. We appreciate you as do our customers! Keep up the good work!



FRANCIS AND SHELIA , mother and daughter team, take a break from their family business to dash in and eat a healthy lunch. A third generation member, Addie, is in China on a missions trip while school is out. Be safe!

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