The often overlooked and seldom eaten in this country , (in fresh form) pomegranate.For such an innocent looking fruit, it has been steeped in mystery and intrigue. Theologians believe that the pomegranate was the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden. Interesting, it kind of puts a little different slant on our depictions of the temptation (of Adam). It shows up through ancient history repeatedly:  The Egyptians regailed its healing properties as well as the belief it aided virility and fertility.  King Darius and son Xerxes special forces soldiers (“the immortals”) ,carried spears with a silver or gold counterweights in the shape of a pomegranates. These Persians were the ones who obliterated “The 300 Spartans “.  Moroccans used the bark to tan their famous leather products.  The Jews embroidered the pomegranate image in the hem of the high priests garments and according to tradition a single fruit has 613 seeds that match the number of laws in the Torah. All these things are extremely interesting to me( a student of ancient history) I thought I’d give you a thumbnail sketch of the pomegranates regal background.  Today it’s boldly touted as a juice, shows up in cocktails and humbly on O’Carrs fruit plates. I wish I could give it more celebration than we do. Let me say though the preparation is slow, messy and painstakingly repetitive.  Enjoy !! You new history students.